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        Ariel Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, CA. We offer various services to the artists we represent and to our many strategic partners. We pride ourselves with our enduring relationships with Europe, Russia and other countries and companies who are enthusiastic to exhibit and advertise our talent in the international market. We place our own artists, as well as licensed projects, with music producers and companies that specialize in licensing tracks for films, television, videos, advertising campaigns and gaming soundtracks, as well as a detailed focus on promotions, through both traditional and non-traditional mediums.

        Founded by Zinovy Shersher in 2004, Ariel has produced dozens of singles for various artists and co–produced albums such as 'Color the World with Music' with She-Li Productions. In the past few years Zinovy Studios and Ariel Records have worked with and continue to work with many great studios in Hollywood and abroad, such as Sunland Studios, where record and film labels such as Sony, Warner Brothers, HBO and others produce their albums as well. Recently Ariel has teamed with Roasted Planet Entertainment to produce a series of events which will feature the talent we represent.

        We are in collaboration with a number of studios, songwriters, producers and top notch PR firms as we continue to grow and make a lasting place in this creative and prosperous industry. We have also completed construction of our brand new recording studio in Reseda, CA with state-of-the-art equipment which will was unveiled in May, 2010. 

        Today Ariel Records continues to expand with many exciting projects which are underway. Our dedicated staff has decades of experience and a deep love and knowledge of music, led by a legendary artist, composer and producer. After introducing our company at the ASCAP Expo 2010, we have signed new artists in a broad variety of genres, from Rock to R&B, and from top tenors to Hip Hop artists, with plans to promote them not only here in the U.S., but abroad to Europe and Asia as well. 

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